10 Question Test – New!!

The new 10 question softball rules test is a great way to challenge yourself. At the end you get your score and also the average score for that test so you can see how your knowledge compares to others. Each test is different, New everytime!!!

TriCity Minor Softball adopts OnlineUmpires.com Software for training

TriCity Minor Softball will be using our online software rules quiz to help train and improve their umpires knowledge levels for the 2014 season.

Your softball association can use it as well. Simply add this link to your website or email it out.



Click the following link to try it now.

Softball Rules Quiz

Coming Soon a way for associations to test their umpires

Does this sound familiar,”I’ve played for years so of course I can ump any division.” Unfortunately it’s not always true.  What is the real answer well, it depends.  It depends on the individual and also what knowledge of the rules that individual has.  It’s easy to be a player and play the game, if something unusual happens the umpire decides what to do.  When a player wants to be a umpire that can be tricky.  Soon in addition to the online rules quiz that is designed to teach and improve an umpire’s knowledge we will also have an online test that emails the results to the Umpire in chief for an association.  This will make it a bit easier to decide what divisions your umpire’s are qualified for!!


Use the resources here to become a better umpire.

The training link above will take you to an online Fastpitch Softball rules quiz that will make you a better more knowledgable umpire. Try it!!

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